Swedish shipping company Erik Thun A.B. / Thun Tankers and Ferus Smit shipyards have agreed on building 4 oil/chemical tankers from a new design.

As the delivery of the first Ferus Smit tanker to Erik Thun dates back nearing 20 years, these new ships are the first step in renewing the fleet of 10 tankers that were delivered to Erik Thun over the past years. We are honoured that Thun tankers has chosen Ferus Smit again for the new job!

The new design will be a completely revised and updated  version of the existing design, that has proven herself over the years as a benchmark in the coastal tanker market. Focus for improvements will be to further optimise energy efficiency and ecological footprint, with LNG as optional fuel. Both shipowner and yard recently gained valuable experience with LNG through the succesfull delivery and operation of ‘Greenland’ and ‘Ireland’, the LNG powered cement tankers.

The ship will measure 7999 Dw tons and 9700 m3 cubic volume in 9 cargo tanks (coated). Main dimensions to be Loa 115m, B 15.9 mtr, draft 6.95 mtr. Iceclass will be 1A, suitable for for year-round Baltic service.