One of our strategies is to prefab as many parts as possible at our FS Parts location and then assemble them at the production site.

As a result, our prefab department is growing. We have just installed 2 new workstations so that our colleagues can digitally request all the necessary information they need.

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ForestWave Navigation orders two project cargo vessels from Ferus Smit

ForestWave Navigation has granted Ferus Smit Shipyards the order for building two new project cargo vessels of the Ecobox XL type. The Ecobox XL design enables loading and transporting extra-long items, such as windmill blades, while at the same time  maintaining her good capabilities as a normal general cargo ship. The design is such that it further enhances her excellent ‘green’ performance with a reduction of her EEDI-score to a new class reference standard.

Groningen based ForestWave Navigation Group has been founded in 2003 and growing rapidly since 2011. Today, they commercially operate 35 MPP vessels in the range of 6,000 to 12,500 DWT. The two Ecobox XL vessels are the first orders they placed with Ferus Smit and both parties are convinced this will lead to a successful collaboration for the years to come.

The main characteristics of the Ecobox XL ships will be as follows:
- Maximum loading capacity about 12.500 DWT;
- Box shaped single hold, including complete movable tweendeck, resulting in large floor space for project cargoes, allowing for loading cargoes with a length of 100 mtr. on tanktop and 112 mtr. on tweendecks;
- Two 85 tons cargo cranes;
- Open top notation;
- Ice class 1A;
- Deckhouse placed on the fore ship. This gives shelter to the hold and deck cargoes against severe weather conditions and enables oversize deck cargoes to be loaded over the stern;
- The Ferus Smit bulbless Canoe type bow, designed to reduce fuel costs and better sustained speed with excellent sea keeping behaviour in harsh weather and sea state conditions;
- Tier III, 3.300 kW main engine, driving a nozzled controllable pitch propeller running in fully automatic combinator mode. The fuel system will also be suitable for bio blend;
- Green Passport;
- ORC waste heat generator integrated in the propulsion system for further reduction of fuel consumption and ultra-low EEDI.

The ships are planned for delivery in 2024/2025.

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Erik Thun AB orders new tankers at Ferus Smit

Swedish shipping company Erik Thun A.B. / Thun Tankers and Ferus Smit shipyards have agreed on building 2 product tankers.

The ordered “R-Class” vessels are a further development of the E-class tankers that were recently delivered to Thun. The ships will have identical main dimensions, but now with 13 coated cargo tanks. Meanwhile the focus remains once more on resource efficiency, environmental responsibility and logistical reliability. The vessels will be built to the latest design meeting and often exceeding existing and forthcoming regulations.

The order again strengthens our long-term collaboration with Erik Thun A.B. , as the delivery of the first Ferus Smit tanker for Erik Thun dates back for 23 years, in which 16 tankers were built . We are honoured that Thun tankers has once more chosen Ferus Smit for the new job!

The new ships will measure 7999 Dw tons and 9700 m3 cargo volume in 13 cargo tanks (coated). Main dimensions to be Loa 115m, B 15.9 mtr, draft 6.95 mtr. Iceclass will be 1A, suited for for year-round Baltic service with a 1950 kW main engine.

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Almost ready for launching! Thanks to @photograhy_of_aventadtor_ #thungroup #improvementastradition #ship #instashipping #instaship #newbuild #shipbuilding #ships ...

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On Saturday 26th of March, Our Nb. 431 was successfully launched at the Westerbroek yard of Ferus Smit.

M.V. Arklow Coast is the eighth vessel in a series of 10 that will be delivered to our client from the city of Arklow, Ireland.

With a maximized hold volume of 220.000 cft and a carrying capacity over 5000 deadweight tons, it still falls under the 3000 gross tons limit. Arklow Coast has one single hold and an 1A iceclass notation. It is propelled by a 1740 kW MaK engine with a single ducted propeller.

Picture Copyright Simon Marrink.

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Digitizing our plate cutting process! #ferussmit #staalbewerking #operator #it #platecutting #steel #paperless #live ...

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Doing it yourself is in our genes, from design to product. We also like to roll up our sleeves in the field of IT.
This is what we are working on, on a daily basis:
- An in-house developed ERP system;
- Injecting all kinds of data into 3D models available company-wide (Industry 4.0);
- Link all thinkable available systems together where necessary;
- Coding process specific apps ourselves;
- Working on our own concepting and production 3D browser;
- Feeding production systems with manufacturing information automatically;
- Let data work more and more to our advantage (predictability);
- Automating daily business processes to keep bureaucracy at a distance.
- Working on an event-driven architectuur;
- Keep hard- and software up-to-date to guarantee security.
- We aim to use software specifically and only what it is good at.

We work according to the KISS principle with an hands-on mentality, to arm ourselves against complexity, to remain flexible and innovative, every day, step by step, Improvement as Tradition.

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Launching of Nb. 431 ‘Arklow Coast’
On Saturday the 26th of March at 11.00 hrs. our Nb. 431 ‘Arklow Coast’ will be launched at the Westerbroek shipyard. #arklowshipping #ferussmitshipyards #ferussmit #shiplaunch

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Today the foreship of Nb431 has left the hall towards the wharf. 🚢#shipyardferussmit #arklowshipping #shipbuilding #newbuild #ironwork #freshlypainted ...

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A beautiful shot of our latest newbuild #thunempower nearing #iceland! Credits to @steady_as_she_goes_ #thuneclass #thungroup #gothia_tanker_alliance #mfshippinggroup #improvementastradition #lng #ship #instashipping #instaship #newbuild #shipbuilding #greenshipping #cleanenergy ...

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two parts of the midship Nb. 470 were lifted from the yard in Westerbroek today and will be placed at our yard in Leer next week. #ferussmitshipyards #ferussmitshipyardleer #ferussmit #thungroup #heavylifting #improvementastradition ...

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Thun Britain successfully launched (with a big splash!!) thanks to @tjerk159photo #thungroup #shipyardferussmit #gothia_tanker_alliance #mfshippinggroup #improvementastradition #ship #instashipping #instaship #newbuild #shipbuilding #ships ...

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Launching of Nb. 462 ‘Thun Britain’ for Thun Tankers AB
On Friday the 7h of January at 11.00 hrs our Nb. 462 will be launched at the Leer shipyard. Nb. 462 will be christened as ‘Thun Britain’ and is the second of two “NaabsaMax’ coastal tankers ordered by Thun Tankers A.B. from Sweden.

Due to Corona restrictions the yard will not be open to the public during the launching. #thuntankers #thungroup #ferussmitshipyards #ferussmitshipyardleer #newbuild #shipbuilding #shiplaunch

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Thun Britain enjoying some sun! Almost ready for launching! Thanks to @stadtwerkeleer #thungroup #shipyardferussmit #gothia_tanker_alliance #mfshippinggroup #improvementastradition #ship #instashipping #instaship #newbuild #shipbuilding #ships ...

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! On behalf of the #ferussmitshipyards team we wish you all the best for 2022! #ferussmit #bestwishes #shipbuilding #shipbuilders #ferussmitleer ...

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On Monday the 1st of March 2021, Our Nb. 451 ‘Thun Equality’ was successfully launched at the Leer yard of Ferus Smit.

A nice movie of one of Symphony’s DP2 vessels using its pipe handling system. As you can see, the ship hardly moves thanks to the DP2 system.

On Friday the 2nd of February 2018, Our Nb. 422 ‘Symphony Space’ was successfully launched at the Leer yard of Ferus Smit. The movie is published in Slow Motion.





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