• Launching of Nb. 447 in Leer on Friday the 31st of August at 14.00 hrs.

Launching of Nb. 447 ‘Arklow Wave’

On Friday the 31st of August at 14.00 hrs. our Nb. 447 ‘Arklow Wave’ will be launched in Leer.

Nb. 447 will be christened as ‘Arklow Wave’, she is the first vessel in a series of 4 that will be delivered to Arklow Shipping and will fly the Irish Flag. By design, Arklow Wave is an enlarged version of the 8500 DWT ships that we have delivered to Arklow Shipping in the past. She is equipped with a 3840kW main engine in order to achieve low fuel consumption.

The design features:
– Main dimensions (Loa X B X T) 149.50 X 19.25 X 8.59 mtr.
– 16500 DWT, 700.000 cft hold volume.
– Iceclass 1A with 3840kW main engine.
– 2 box shaped holds.
– Propeller equipped with a duct for enhanced thrust at lower speeds and reduction of maximum installed propulsion power.

Delivery of Arklow Wave is scheduled for October of this year.

During the launching the yard will be open to the public.