Launching Nb. 424 ‘Arklow Cadet’

On Thursday the 9th of June at 10.30 hrs. our Nb. 424 ‘Arklow Cadet’ will be launched at the Westerbroek shipyard.

The launching will be executed without ceremony, as christening of the ship will be performed in a later stage. Therefore the yard will not be open to the public, however it is off course possible to witness the event from the opposite side of the ‘Winschoterdiep’. Nb. 424 ‘Arklow Cadet’ is the first in a series of 10 ships to be built of a new design for Arklow Shipping from Ireland.

With a maximized hold volume of 220.000 cft and a carrying capacity over 5000 deadweight tons, it still falls under the 3000 gross tons limit. Arklow Cadet has one single hold and an 1A iceclass notation. It is propelled by a 1740 kW MaK engine with a single ducted propeller.

Delivery of Arklow Cadet is scheduled for July of this year.