• Launching of Nb. 459 ‘Thun Blyth’

Launching of Nb. 459 ‘Thun Blyth’ for Thun Tankers AB

On Friday the 28th of August at 11.00 hrs. our Nb. 459 has been launched in Leer, Germany. Nb. 459 will be christened as ‘Thun Blyth’. She is the first of two “NaabsaMax’ coastal tankers ordered by Thun Tankers A.B. from Sweden.

Naabsa stands for ‘Not Always Afloat But Savely Aground’; indicating that the vessel is specially designed for calling niche ports with tidal restrictions, being able to rest on the seabed of harbours while (un)loading during low tide. The ship measures 80 mtrs length, 14.99 mtrs width, 9.0 mtrs depth and is powered by a 1950 kW main engine. 8 coated cargo tanks with total capacity of 4900 m3 are suited to transport oil products an IMO type II chemicals.

Due to Corona restrictions the yard was not open to the public during the launching. Alternatively a christening ceremony will take place during a special online venue. You are invited to join this venue on Monday august 31 at 14.00 hrs at www.thuntankers.com/launch