• Launching of Nb. 463 ‘Lidan’ for Erik Thun AB

Launching of Nb. 463 ‘Lidan’ for Erik Thun AB

On Friday the 28th of June, 11.00 hrs, our Nb. 463 will be launched at our yard in Westerbroek.

Nb. 463 will be named as ‘Lidan’, and will be delivered to Erik Thun AB from Lidkoping, Sweden.

Lidan is the first ship in a series of six that will be built according to the new Trollmax mk 4 design. As the name says this is the 4th generation of general cargo bulkers specially designed for trading through the Trollhattan canal and locks, which connect the Swedish interior lakes with the North Sea near Goteborg.

Numerous improvements have been implemented for the new mk4 ; she now has a nozzled propeller, reduced engine output, hybrid technology with battery pack, optimized bulb form and transom shape, closed bridge wings.

The general data for Nb. 463, are as follows:

  • Iceclass 1B bulker with 2 cargo holds
  • Loa 89mtr, Lpp 84.99, B 13.35 mtr, Tmax 6.24 mtr
  • Dwt max 5100 ton, hold volume 206.000 cft
  • MCR 1600 kW, fuel MDO

Picture by A. Niemeijer