• Launching of Nb. 471 ‘Baltic Crystal’ for Erik Thun AB

Launching of Nb. 471 ‘Baltic Crystal’ for Erik Thun AB

On Thursday the 22nd of December, 11.00 hrs, our Nb. 471 will be launched at our yard in Westerbroek.

Nb. 471 named as ‘Baltic Crystal’ is the second ship in a series of two with a design that was developed for Erik Thun AB from Lidkoping, Sweden.

Nb. 471, and the recently delivered Nb. 470 are bulkers with iceclass 1A and 2 cargo holds. Their design is dedicated to some specific trades in the Baltic region. The breadth of the ships is limited to 13.35mtr.

The ships are characterized by their extremely high deadweight of 6380 tons. The propulsion installation consists of a 1950 kW main engine running on MDO fuel, and driving a nozzled CP propeller. The accommodation will be suited for a crew of 8 persons.

Further data Nb. 470 / Nb. 471

  • Loa 99.99 mtr
  • B 13.35 mtr
  • T 7.00 mtr
  • DWT 6380 tons
  • Hold volume 245.000 cft