On the slipway in Leer our biggest ship ever is taking shape. Nb. 403. M.V. Reestborg slowly grows to her huge proportions. Foreship- and the first midship blocks are out on the slipway now. Nb. 403 is the first in a series of ships with following characteristics:
– Loa = 170mtr,
– B = 20.4 mtr,
– T = 9.7 mtr,
– Deadweight = 23000 tons,
– Hold volume = 945.000 cft.

The bowshape is a further development on our ‘bulbless’ bow concept. The longer and sharper waterlines create less resistance in the design speed range, irrespective of her draft. At the same time the form creates more total volume (deadweight) and more length for the cargo hold within her absolute dimensions. Above the waterline this bow will more gradually cut through the waves compared to more flared bows. The negative stemprofile was found to deliver advantages when breaking through ice sheets.

Thanks to her bow and adaption of a propeller duct ‘Reestborg’ can do with a smaller engine, making her a truly ‘green’ ship. With a 4500 kW Wartsila she will have the same main engine as her smaller sisters of the 14.500 DWT ‘Beatrix’ class! The launching of M.V. Reestborg is planned for January 2013 and delivery in april.