On Friday the 25th of January, 11.00 hrs, our Nb. 403 M.V. ‘Reestborg’ will be launched at Leer.

This promises to become a splash of huge proportions, as it is by far the largest ship ever built at our yards. With a length of 170mtr, Breadth of 20.4 mtr and 23000 deadweight tons carrying capacity she is nearing the maximum dimensional limits that can be built at our Leer production-site. Ships of these dimensions are normally floated out of a building dock or launched from longitudinal slipways. The spectacular sideways launching of a ship this size (over 5000 tons of launching weight) will be a unique event that has never been seen before in northern shipbuilding.

On the photos you can see Reestborg at her full proportions on the slipway. Recently her deckhouse was placed by Wagenborgs floating crane ‘Triton’.
Reestborg is planned for delivery during march 2013.

Picture Copyright Jörn Prestien.