Launching Nb. 405 ‘Roerborg’

On Friday the 4th of July, 11.00 hrs, our Nb. 405 M.V. ‘Roerborg’ will be launched at Leer.

Roerborg is the third ship in a series of three built for Wagenborg. However, this ship comes with an increased deckhouse which makes her more suitable for deck cargo’s.

The launching promises to become a splash of huge proportions, as it is by far the largest ship in our assortment. With a length of 170mtr, Breadth of 20.4 mtr and 23000 deadweight tons carrying capacity she is nearing the maximum dimensional limits that can be built at our Leer production-site. Ships of these dimensions are normally floated out of a building dock or launched from longitudinal slipways. The spectacular sideways launching of a ship this size is an event that has rarely been seen.

Picture: Copyright Simon Marrink.