Launching Nb. 408 ‘Volgaborg’

On Tuesday the 5th of March, 10.30 hrs, our Nb. 408 M.V. ‘Volgaborg’ will be launched at Westerbroek.
M.V. Volgaborg is the third and last unit in a series of 3 12000 dwt general cargo ships with a characteristic innovative green ‘bulbless’ bow shape with slight negative stem angle.

The experiences with the new bow shape for the first two ships are very positive. Several North Atlantic crossings in the winter season with MV Vlieborg Nb. 407 have proven that the ships are very capable of better maintaining their speed despite of only a limited installed engine power of 3000 kW.

The sharper bow waterlines create less resistance irrespective of the loading draft. At the same the lines will cut more gradually through waves compared to flared bows, having less speed losses when the weather conditions get worse.