On Friday the 15th of November, 14.00 hrs, our Nb. 409 will be launched at Westerbroek.

Nb. 409 will be christened as ‘Arklow Bank’. She is the first vessel in a series of six that will be delivered to our new client from the city of Arklow, Ireland. The design is a bulk oriented general cargo ship that will be mainly employed in the shipment of wheat, corn and other bulk commodities in European waters.

As hull form it was chosen to adapt the ‘bulbless’ principle; creating a slender bow without bulb. Taking into account the various loading drafts and wave conditions to be encountered in service, the total performance of this bow will be better than a bulb optimised for one single draft and flat water only.

This first ship will has the following characteristics:
– Loa = 119.495 mtr
– Lpp = 116.895 mtr
– B = 14.99 mtr
– D = 9.70 mtr
– T max = 7.160 mtr
– DW max = abt 8400 ton
– Hold volume = 350.000 cft

Delivery of Arklow Bank will be in January 2014.