LNG powered vessel to be delivered as cement carrier.

The first unique LNG powered ship that Ferus Smit has on order for Erik Thun A.B. (see news item februari 14 2014) will be built and equipped as a dedicated cement carrier. The ship will be delivered to the joint venture JT cement, in which Erik Thun AB  cooperates with KG Jebsen Cement from Norway. There is an option for a second vessel of the same design.

The vessels cargo system will consist of a fully automated cement loading and unloading system, based on fluidization of cement by means of compressed air. The cargo system is designed and delivered by KGJ cement, a company also part of the KG Jebsen group.

The special fluidization systems combined with slanted tanktops in the cargo holds will enable the bulk cargo to flow to a central suction point in the holds, from where it is transport onwards via pipelines. The cargo holds will be completely closed, identical to a tanker, ensuring environmentally friendly, dust free operation and possibility to load and discharge in all weather conditions. The cargo handling equipment will be able to discharge up to 500 m3 per hour.

In order to maximize cargo intake, the original bulker design was enlarged. Cargo capacity will now be around 7200 DWT, with length 109.65m and breadth 14.99 mtr. Characteristics of year round Baltic service with iceclass 1A and a Wartsila dual fuel engine fed by a pressurized type C LNG tank inside the hull remain unchanged.

The ship will be delivered as Nb. 423 on our Westerbroek yard in late 2015.