On Wednesday the 29th of August, 12.00 hrs, our Nb. 407 M.V. ‘Vlieborg’ will be launched at Westerbroek.

The ‘Vlieborg’ is the second unit in a series of 3 ships to be built for Wagenborg shipping in Delfzijl. These ships are the biggest ever launched at our Westerbroek yard and along the ‘Winschoterdiep’, they have following dimensions: Loa = 142.65 mtr, B = 15.87 mtr, T = 7.729 mtr, Deadweight = 12.000 tons, Hold volume = 503.500 cft.

Nb. 407 and 408 will be equipped with a main engine delivering 3000 kW to a ducted propeller. The first ship in this series, Nb. 406 M.V. ‘Vikingbank’ has a 4000 kW engine with an open propeller.

Due to the large wave the road opposite of the yard will be closed shortly for traffic.We apologise for the inconvenience and invite everybody to wittness this event in the meantime!